Top Dental School in Australia

Planning to study in Australia is a good option. There are thousands of students that decide to study in the country. If you are one of them, here is a checklist of best and top dental schools in Australia you can choose from. It helps you to get a high quality of education.

Best Dental Schools in Australia

  • Charles Sturt University: It is a dental school in Australia that offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses that include oral health therapy, dentistry, nutrition and dietics and medical radiation. The school operates across New South Wales and they are committed to high quality teaching, research and service.
  • James Cook University: JCU offer medical and dental programs that are distinctive that are focused to the needs of their students. The dental school aims to provide a positive medical care and change in health for communities in Australia. Their work is a shared commitment to passion, excellence, innovation and social justice.
  • Griffith University: The dental school is offering a unique suite in oral health degree and they are focused on comprehensive patient care through teamwork of oral health therapists, dental technologists and dentists. They offer hands of experience to students.
  • University of Adelaide School of Dentistry: The school was established in the year 1920. It is one of the most distinguished and oldest dental schools in Australia. Over the years, the reputation of the dental school when it comes to research and teaching is highly regarded.
  • Melbourne Dental School: The dental school is excellent and research based in offering a high quality of education. The school is leading in national and international role in Asia-Pacific region. They have a major commitment in terms of undergraduate dental education. They are offering a variety of valuable and exciting professional development programs to dental practitioners according to dental school application timeline.

Becoming a dentist is difficult because you need to have the experience and skills. You can get all the things you need when you apply to the best and top dental schools in Australia. With them, you can be educated, be skilled and get all the trainings you need.