Questions About How to Apply to Dental School

If you want a career in dentistry, you need to choose the best dental school but for some students, it is not easy for them to get reliable information about application process. To know more information on when to apply for dental school, read this!

How to Apply To Dental School

  • Become familiar with dental profession: If you want to enter dentistry, be sure you are familiar with dental profession. You can volunteer in public health clinics, private dental offices, dental laboratories and others. This also helps you to get experience.
  • Complete all required prerequisite courses: Be sure that you take a 4-year college before you decide to apply at dental school.
  • Take Dental Admission Test: In early summer or late spring between junior or senior year of college, you need to take the DAT test. Be sure you take DAT before you plan to enroll at any dental schools. If you are not happy with your score, you can retake the exam after 90 days.
  • Apply at AADSAS: AADSAS should be noted in terms of when to apply to dental school. Make sure you plan to apply through AADSAS before you enter the dental school.
  • Carefully write the personal statement: Before you submit the essay, be sure you proofread it. Make sure it is 100% effective to convince the admission committee.
  • Send all transcripts and other needed documents to AADSAS: Check out the website of the University of what Documents You Need to submit in AADSAS. It is also important that you complete your online application and do it early in the summer.
  • Choose several schools: Choose at least one safe school that you sure, you will be admitted and you can increase your chance to be admitted when you select several schools.
  • Be prepared for interview: If you have a high chance to be admitted, be sure you prepare for the interview. Act and dress like a future professional.
  • Focus on completing undergraduate courses

Dental school application is not easy thing to do because you know how to apply and when how to take the DAT and other exams. Regardless, you need to do your best and ensure to deliver all-important documents.