Prepare for Dental School Interviews 2015

Attending dental school is not an easy thing that is why you need to know what you should do. By now, you should know what you need to submit and when you need to submit important application. Take note that dental school admission is based on rolling admission system. Here are some of the things you should know!

  • Complete online application

  • Keep organized sheet for your application process

  • Include application that has been received confirmation, link to university application portal, secondary application and other essential details.

Dental School Interviews 2015

Numerous of the dental universities require personal interview to candidate in assessing the qualities of students like interpersonal skills, ability in overcoming challenges and self-confidence. Ensure that you will shine by answering the questing effectively. To prepare for the interview, here are essential details!

  • Know yourself: You need to explain your qualities that make you a good leader. You can do this by presenting or sharing about your interests that include volunteer activities or experiences that makes you a well-rounded person. You can also mention about the mentors that helped you a lot.

  • Know interview type: You should contact the university and know what the format of interview; you should be prepared for it. If you are prepared, you will be at advantage compared to other candidates. You can do a mock interview matching the type of interview.

  • Why you want to go to the dental school: You need to be ready confidently by sharing why you want to enter dental school. Be passionate and be sincere.

Dentistry Interviews 2015 Tips

  • Know why the school is the best for you: You need to conduct heavy research to answer this question. You should know that you need to convince the school and you can do this by thinking the right answer for this question.

  • Few key issues: You need to utilize e-newsletters and ASDA’s print publications in understanding what is going on.

  • Know what to bring: You need to read blog post for a list of interview that you should know.

  • Dress: You need to dress to impress because dress gives great impression. You need to wear business professional attire. For women, they need to wear a skirt and jacket. For men, they need to wear coat and tie.

  • Ask questions: You need to ask yourself questions that you think will come out during the interview. Here are some of the potential questions that may come out during the interview.

  1. What differentiates you from other applicants?

  2. Have you had experience with dentistry?

  3. Have you been interviewed by other dental schools?

  4. What other dental universities you have applied to?

  5. What event you had that create a big impact in your life?

  6. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

  7. What is the best and bad day experience you had?

  8. If given the chance, what would you like to improve yourself?

With the presented tips and information in this page, you can become a good candidate. Just do not forget that you need to be prepared and do your best so that you will set yourself apart from thousands of applicants. And remember about dental school deadlines 2015.

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