Overview of Top 20 Dental Schools 2015

Dental schools in the world have different requirements, reputation and ranking. If you want to become a dental professional, you need to get into a university with high reputation and guarantee that you will get the education you need as well as training and experience.

Top 20 Dental Schools 2015

  1. University of Florida: It is a pioneer dental school with comprehensive curriculum.

  2. University of Louisville: The school may not be high in overall ranking but they have high ranking for dental education.

  3. Harvard University: The school always on the top because of their reputation and mission in helping students.

  4. Indiana University: Becoming part of the school allows you to have all training and experience you need.

  5. University of Minnesota: The school supports their students all throughout the year of their studies.

  6. University of the Pacific: The University offers strong education and unique experience to students.

  7. Texas A&M University: It belongs to one of the top listed dental schools with high student population.

  8. University of California San Francisco: The school offers a high quality of education.

  9. University of Michigan Ann Arbor: If you want the best for yourself, enter University of Michigan.

  10. University of Washington Seattle: University of Washington helps student to become professional.

  11. Meharry Medical College: Meharry is offering wonderful trainings and education.

  12. University of Pennsylvania: The school has a high ranking in offering dental school.

  13. Ohio State University: Ohio University guarantees professional education.

  14. Columbia University: The school works with experienced faculty.

  15. University of Maryland Baltimore: Maryland school is a pioneer institution.

  16. University of Colorado: The dental school is internationally recognized.

  17. University of Missouri: The school has flexible curriculum.

  18. New York University: It helps students to have good starting career.

  19. University of Nevada Las Vegas: They help student to pay their tuition.

  20. Case Western Reserve University: They offer numerous options for student studies.

Requirements of top 20 Dental Schools

The school of dental medicine differs from one another in requiring requirements. Some of them require GPA, English proficiency test, letters of recommendation and others. Find out more from our list of top 10 dental schools.  If you choose what school you want listed above, you also need to check their website to know about the full requirements.

It is necessary to know the top schools for dental school but you also need to check for other factors such as the tuition fee, the scholarships, assistantships and financial assistance if they have. If you are finished, submit your application earlier to get numerous opportunities.

Reference: http://www.graduateprograms.com/top-dentistry-programs/

Do not hesitate and choose something for you from list of top 20 dental schools!