List of Top Dental Schools in the World

Although top dental schools in the world are easy to find, it is better when you have a list so that you can narrow down the choices you will going to choose from. With that in mind, this page will present the best dental universities you can choose from.


Best Dentistry Schools in the World

Best Dentistry Schools in the World

  • Harvard University: Harvard University is considered as Ivy League school and according to US News and World Report, it is one of the top schools. The school has more than dozen of group of dental students and they are assisting students for planning about their careers in public health, advanced nursing and dental medicine.
  • University of North Carolina: The school is one of the top 100 dental schools in the world and according to the report of US News and World Report, the school ranked as second for primary care and it’s ranked as 29th for dental program. The school is offering a rigorous nine-week summer program for selected students who will surely benefit about the dental school curriculum. Students are assured to have the best with the school.
  • University of Pennsylvania: For the record of Times Higher Education, the school ranked as the 13th when it comes to pre-clinical as well as health universities. For worldwide record, the school is the 16th and according to 2014 record of US News and World Report, the school ranked as eight places. The school is offering planning and advising for students that will help them to be prepared for their chosen career. The school offers post baccalaureate and pre-dental program for students who want to be prepared for advanced dental studies.
  • University of Maryland: The school ranked as first in the US and has a high ranked worldwide. The university is offering doctorate, masters and bachelor’s degree for students. They will all learn all the things they needed with application so that when they are in practice, they can able to perform their duties and responsibilities.
  • Manipal College of Dental Sciences: An Indian university gained numerous awards. For dental program, they are one of the best choices.

If you want to be educated and become a great physician or dentist, check out the listed schools above and choose the right school for you.

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