List of Dental Schools

There are many choices and lists of dental schools in the internet. It is your best help and great source to know what school you will enter. If you want a good education with a strong foundation of dental education teaching, read this!

List of Dental Schools

  • UCLA School of Dentistry: The school has evolved into a premier dental school. It is one of the best schools worldwide and included in the list of top dental schools ranking. Students will be integrated with cultural diversity, academic excellence, outstanding curriculum and world-renowned research.
  • UAB School of Dentistry: The school has a strong dedication in sharing the knowledge and experience to their dentist practitioners. They ensure to provide the best dental care learning.

Since 1948, it has a rich history in healthcare with a superb national reputation in terms of excellence. It continues to help and supply the education for their students with accredited programs.

  • University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine: Since 1968, the institution is a prominent leader in research, dental education, community outreach and patient care. They have the commitment to provide pre-doctoral education for qualified students that have the desire to become a great practitioner in the field of dental medicine.
  • University of Florida: The University was established in the year 1972. It is a public funded school and one of the national leaders in dental education, community service and research. Students have the opportunity to participate in research and interdisciplinary learning.
  • University of Mississippi: The school is located in Jackson and a great academic health science center. The school offers six health science schools that include nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, graduate studies and other health related professions.
  • University of Rochester: It is one of the top academic medical centers in the nation. University of Rochester provides patient care, teaching, community outreach missions and health research. In the past years, they received a huge funding.

Dentistry is not an easy program so when you choose to study about it, it is important to have the best dental school for you. With that in mind, you need to make a great research about the best schools worldwide. Find in advance whether you need to write a medical personal statement. Check it out today!