Information on Dental School Application 2015

Remember that the office of Health Professions Advising assists students who are applying to dental, optometry or medical schools. The service they are offering includes compilation of faculty evaluation, distribution of support materials for application as well as other needed details on every students.

The goal of the service is to help students in all aspects when it comes to application process but it is your responsibility to ensure that all required materials will be submitted on the deadlines. We offer a list of top 10 dental hygiene schools.

Dental School Application 2015

  • Make arrangements in taking DAT. Online registration is available. The DAT is offered year around and all universities only accept DAT score prior to October. It is needed to check each of the school to know about the exact requirements because it varies sometimes.

  • Complete the UA pre application and submit it to Health Professions Advising. The prior deadline for the application is March 19.

  • Must submit a recent photo because it is required and should be included in your pre-application. Some of the supplemental application require recent picture and it is beneficial to have a wallet-sized picture.

  • Health Professions Advising does not conduct committee interview without pre-application being submitted.

  • Submit letters of recommendation. Contact your personal references or faculty member who will create their recommendation for you. Make sure to use the recommendation form to request personal or faculty recommendations. The form can be found on the tab for 2015 applicants on Ensure to sign the forms before you submit it. You need at least five letters wherein two or three coming from faculty and one or two coming from personal choice. You need to have a good choice for personal references, which include dentist, volunteer coordinators, former employers and others. Upon completion, letters must be returned to the office.

  • You should request for the committee interview.

  • US interview will not be schedules unless pre-application is submitted as well as recommendation letters.

  • Submission for primary application or AADSAS must not be delayed.

  • Students can submit primary application before committee interview and before recommendation letters are submitted. The interview is held during May and it have two purposes; it provides committee a chance in spending enough time with student and it allows students to get a feel of what professional interview will be like.

  • Complete primary dental school application through AADSAS.

  • Online application is the primary and official application to professional university. You have the responsibility in submitting your application.

  • Complete list of AADSAS universities is available on the website of ADEA.

  • Recommendation letters is an essential requirements of your application wherein you need to send it directly to the school you are applying for. It is also a strong recommendation that primary application should not be later than first day of September.

  • Make arrangements to get your transcript of record or request to get your transcript online.

There you have it the things you need to know about 2015 dental school application.


If you do not know what you need to do, read carefully this page about dental school application 2015 to get enough ideas.