How to Write a Dental School Essay

Except knowing dental school application deadlines, one of the important parts when you apply to dental school is dental school essay or also known as personal essay. The essay gives the applicants a chance to show what they have that are not written in their grades or scores. It is their chance in demonstrating how the dental school will help them in fulfilling their personal and professional goals. The school essay is one of the essential determining factors whether the school will accept or reject you.

Tips in Writing Dental School Application Essay

  • Brainstorming: To have a good dental school admission essay, you need to devote lots of time in brainstorming. You need to have a clear understanding on what you want to say and show to the readers. You need to make sure you craft an effective and compelling essay. In brainstorming, there are three things to remember. First, you need to show why you want to become a dentist. Second, relate any personal experience related to dental school and finally, show qualities that you have to become a good dentist.
  • Personal stories: To have a good dental school application essay, telling personal stories is a nice idea. The story you should include must demonstrate your compassion to become a dentist and will identify your skills and experiences.
  • Organize essay: You need to know what major points you need to include in your essay. Instead of just telling stories, you also need to organize your essay by topics so that it will flow smoothly. If your essay has good formation, it shows about your enthusiasm.
  • Write the essay: You can begin writing your essay but you need to write in a way that reflects the way you speak. It should be natural and easy to read. As much as possible, avoid jargons. Keep in mind that your purpose is selling yourself that is why you need to show your best asset.
  • Avoid clichés: Use practical examples and stories showing why the school should admit you. In addition, you need to avoid clichés because it will not help you with your application.

These are the things you should keep in your mind and following it will guide you in writing a successful dental school essay that will be remembered by the committee.