How to Get Into Creighton Dental School

When it comes to choosing Creighton dental school, you need to know the reasons why you need to get into the Baylor dental school you want. It is necessary that you able to make a good choice in order to satisfy yourself and meet your needs. If you want to get into Creighton School, here are things you need to know.

Entering Creighton University Dental School

Entering Creighton University Dental School

The mission of the dental school Creighton is to educate students so that they can able to demonstrate a great competence the time they will graduate. Creighton University is a nice option that is why you also need to know about the requirements or other important factors. Regardless, the education that you can able to get with the school is high which means you are guaranteed to have only the best.

If you want to enter the university, of course it is necessary that you able to know about the application process so that you can able to enter the university. With that in mind, applicants are required to complete the online application. They need to submit needed documents online before the deadline. Keep in mind that late applications will never be considered that is why students must meet the deadline.

  • The time you able to complete the online application, there are materials you need to submit. You need to remember this so that you will not make any mistakes when it comes to your application. For additional requirements, applicants must need to settle the non-refundable application that must need to send directly at the dental admission of the office. The payment can be in the form of money of check.
  • There is also supplementary application form that available in printed form. Students must need to submit a photograph like passport size picture and needed to attach to the application. No applications will be returned by the school. Aside from this, students must be a graduate from an accredited 4-year high school.
  • Applicants must need to cover a minimum of 2 years of study in an accredited university or college. They need to meet the minimum 64 semester hours in physical education, non-academic courses and military science.
  • Applicants must need to obtain at least B average for the college they have taken. Grades must need to be achieved in pre-dental science because it will be given a particular attention.
  • Applicants must need to take the dental admission test and they need to arrange their test preferably in the dates provided by Creighton University.
  • Each applicant must need to submit at least three recommendations wherein two must need to come from instructors and one coming from non-science department. They need to testify about the applicant’s character as well as their apparent fitness for the chosen field.

There you have it, some of the needed things that students should do before they can able to enter the school. It is better when you check out the website to know more information. Check also online medical personal statement writing services. Get started today while you have ample time.