Help with Tufts Dental School Admissions

Tufts dental school is an accredited private university that provides education to postgraduate and pre-doctoral students in preparing them in practicing dentistry. The school strives in achieving a dynamic curriculum that gives students the opportunity to have excellent clinical training and allowing them to use modern technology.

Tufts Dental Schools Admissions

Tufts Dental Schools Admissions

When it comes to Tufts dental school admissions, students should submit application through Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists also known as CAAPID that run by the ADEA. Lots of information is found in the site of ADEA.

Tufts school of medicine admissions are being reviewed on first come first served basis. It is strongly accepted that students should complete CAAPID application ahead of time for them to be competitive. The time that the program fills, all applications are being reviewed. Keep in mind that interview is a mandatory part of your application process. On the other hand, only students who are selected will be notified about the interview.

For successful Tufts university dental school admissions, students are required to pay 2,500 dollars deposit in holding their place. In addition, some of the requirements needed for admission require students to submit:

  • Personal statement
  • 2 letters of recommendation coming from 2 dental school professors
  • Official academic credentials
  • TOEFL score
  • Applicants must be citizen of US or permanent resident of US
  • National Dental Board Examination

Moreover, students should submit a 2×2 picture with full name, settle application fee of 90 dollars, official transcript of record, official test score of TOEFL and national dental board examination; the part one and part two official report.

There you go the things you need to know about admission to Tufts dental school. It is important that you always be updated on the deadline of submission so that you will be informed and know when you will need to submit. If you complete all the necessary documents ahead of time, review it and then submit for a higher chance of being accepted since there are numerous applicants. The key in order to become part of the dental school is that completing all requirements and submitting it before the deadline. You can find about other dental school admissions  requirements for example for NYU dental school admissions or Texas dental school admissions  on our website.