FAQs on Top Orthodontist Schools

Orthodontics schools are competitive and some of them only admit that they only have five or eight new students each year. Programs in orthodontics can be completed either a doctoral or master’s degree. Here are best dental schools to choose from.

Top Orthodontist Schools to Choose from

Top Orthodontist Schools to Choose from

  • University of Michigan: The University is providing magnificent orthodontics program in the nation. The school is offering school of dentistry offering Master of Science program in orthodontics. This degree is competitive and for curriculum, it is comprehensive which includes classes from orthognathic surgery to neuromuscular physiology. In addition, the institution is offering clinical practice and first hand principles of orthodontics.
  • UCLA: UCLA comes second in the list for top schools for orthodontics in the country. With them, you can able to study everything you need and the good thing is that it works concurrently with oral biology. UCLA is a world-renowned university because of their strength in research and their faculties are actively researching topics such as tissue engineering and craniofacial anomalies.
  • University of California: The University is offering a separate certificate program in orthodontics. Students will be given the chance to study subjects at PhD level. The orthodontics education of the school is presented through combinations of laboratories, patient practice and lecture. Students work in adults and children in active clinical practice in correcting facial disproportions and malocclusions.
  • University of North Carolina: According to FindTheBest.com, the school is the fourth ranking when it comes to orthodontics. Their program is highly competitive wherein only 6 students are being accepted in the residency every year. The program is consisting combined MS program and certificate in orthodontics. Students can complete the program curriculum in three years. The program is intensive with required classes in biomechanics, research design and biostatistics.
  • University of Pennsylvania: The University rank as the first in United States for top dental hygiene schools. It is the best school for orthodontics you can rely with. The residency at UPenn is either join program or 2-year specialty.

If you want the best education for yourself, you can choose the listed schools above. It is highly regarded and trusted by lots of students so start choosing now.

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