Dentistry Schools in Canada

Nowadays, there are many dentistry schools in Canada. They are accredited, reliable and trusted in providing the perfect dental education for students. If you want to study in Canada and you are preparing your dental application, here is a good list of schools you can choose from.

Dental Schools Canada

  • McGill University: It is a dental school Canada that consists of faculties that are professional. The faculties they have are one of the best and great dental faculties worldwide. They have a strong foundation in clinical training and offer respected dental academics. To meet the goals of their students, they make curriculum that is innovative approach.
  • Dalhousie University: The institution is internationally known in North America. They are one of the welcoming universities that were founded in the year 1818. The fact is that the university is one of the oldest that attract thousands of students in the world. They are offering excellent academic programs.
  • University of Alberta: The University is offering a great approach for the transmission of knowledge, truth and public service. They have the vision to become a top tier university in Canada. In the year 1917, the school was founded.
  • UBC Faculty of Dentistry: The institution is one of the remarkable schools in the dentistry. They are well prepared in offering significant contributions to students. When it comes to curriculum, it is outstanding and they also have advanced dental clinic equipments.
  • University of Toronto: The dentistry faculty in the university is the largest dental school in the nation. It is considered as the leading and highly regarded in the world. University of Toronto have the mission to provide excellence and leadership for graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate.
  • University of Saskatchewan: The school is offering a fully accredited dental program. They are proud to share their tradition of excellence to students. The university has a solid commitment in research. They have strong research, innovative learning and clinical experiences.

If you want to study in Canada, there are universities that will be perfect for you. They have the goal to make you successful dentist and have a bright future. If you are not sure about quality of your personal statement, you should contact personal statement writers.