Dental School Rankings

Dentistry is a rewarding career that offers flexibility and independence in terms of type of practice and hours. Dental graduates can choose to work in hospital clinics or private clinics. Studying dentistry allows students to choose a career to become dental technician, dentist, dental nurse, dental hygienist or dental therapist.

Top Dental School Rankings

  • University of California School of Dentistry:  For 130 years, the dental school mission is to provide a wonderful education in craniofacial, public health and oral through patient care, education and discovery. The school aims to become a worldwide leader in clinical practice, scientific discovery, public health and dental education. They are one of the schools that included in top dental school rankings.
  • UCLA School of Dentistry: In the year 1964, the dental school was established. The achievements of the school make them to be in the list of top ranked dental schools. They have the focused in maintaining and achieving excellence in four areas that include innovative research, dental education, and public service and quality patient care. The school is one of the premier dental schools both national and international stage.
  • University of North Carolina School of Dentistry: The dental school promotes health of individuals in North Carolina. They offer excellence in patient care, teaching, service and research.
  • University of Michigan: The University offer consolidated source of data in dental education. Students who enroll at the school are assured to become a great dentist in their generation. They will know what are the functions and responsibilities of becoming a dentist.
  • University of Florida College of Dentistry: UF was established in 1972 and it is a public funded pre dental school. When it comes to rank, they are a national leader in dental school, community service and research.  The faculty and students of the school will participate in research and interdisciplinary learning.

To become a great dentist, student needs to choose the perfect and suited dental school for them. With it, they will be equipped with well-rounded curriculum allowing them to increase their skills in science of dentistry. Start now and check the right dental school for you!