Dental School Application Timeline

This is a checklist that serves as your guide and advice you in the process of applying to dental school. This is a helpful dental school application timeline you can follow. If you don’t have any idea on what you need to do, check this out!

Dental School Application Timeline


  • Meet with faculty or advisors and identify all the final opportunities in working for their clinical environments.
  • Make a budget and schedule for taking DAT.
  • Look for AADSAS


  • Secure commitment references such as letters of recommendation from your professors. Be sure that the person knows who you are and understand your intellectual ability.
  • Complete final year of prerequisites
  • Attend recruiting presentations
  • Start to make drafts on your personal statement
  • Check for financing or scholarship programs
  • Get copy of your transcript of record


  • Get contact details from committed references
  • Make a schedule interview for committee or advisor
  • Complete all the prerequisites ( if applicable)
  • Register and take DAT entrance exam
  • Prepare for upcoming enrichment opportunity
  • Make the final draft of your personal statement

Dental School Application Process

  • Complete application form
  • Submit AADSAS application
  • Submit transcripts of record to AADSAS
  • Send letters of recommendation
  • Submit all needed school specific fees
  • Prepare for schedule interviews

There you go the things that you need to check and prepare when you have plans to apply to dental school. Bear in mind that you need to make all the documents ahead of time so that you will not rush. This also ensures your higher chance of being admitted because your documents are prepared and checked.

To sum it up, this is one a timeline of what you need to do. When applying for top dental schools in Australia or any other country, it is important to check for dental school application deadlines so that you will know when you need to submit the requirements. If possible, if you completed all the requisites, you can submit it before the deadline and be prepared with other things that you need to do.