Dental Hygienist Schools in NJ

Students that have an interest in career in dental hygiene must need to complete an associate degree program in their field. An associate degree program can be completed in two years. For students looking for great schools, get started to choose from dental hygienist schools in NY.

Best Choice for Dental Schools in NJ

  • Bergen Community College: It is a NJ dental school that offers associate in applied science in dental hygiene. The program is two years in length full time that include one summer semester. When it comes to prerequisite, students must need to finish high school or college biology, algebra and chemistry. Students need to submit dental admission exam to become part of the school. Bergen Community College is accredited emphasizing hands on approach to their students. They will be able to learn in classrooms classes, laboratories and clinics. Courses topics include oral pathology, dental radiology as well as periodontology.
  • Camden County College: Just like Bergen, it is one of the well-known dental schools in NJ. It also offers associate in applied science in dental hygiene, which is two years in length. For prerequisites, biology and chemistry courses with laboratory are needed. Students must need to submit NJ basis skills test, health insurance, physical exam, basic life support certification and personal meeting with the committee. Upon completion of dental hygiene program, students will be prepared in taking their licensure exams.
  • Middlesex County College: Middlesex County College is one of the dental assistant schools in NJ. The program length is two years full time and summer classes can be included. When it comes to pre-requisites, it includes biology and chemistry with labs.  Admission requirements include a grade of “C” in chemistry and biology. Test of essential academic skills and criminal background check. The school is accredited and program includes general education, dental hygiene classes and science courses. There will be clinical practice that will take place to enhance to skill of their students. The time they graduate, they will know about how to remove tooth deposits, perform x-rays and screen for oral cancer.
  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: The school is also offering associate in applied science in dental hygiene. The program is two years in length full time. For prerequisites, completion of program is needed as well as completion of courses in English composition, sociology, algebra and speech. The school is accredited and preparing students to provide treatment based and preventive dental services. Aside from basic dental cleaning care, some of the skills that students will learn include performing dental radiology, applying fluoride and polishing amalgams. The training you get from the school is wonderful because it will equip you with all things you should know.

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Many dental hygiene schools are available in New Jersey but the listed universities are the one that you can trust and rely with. The institutions are proven in delivering the best dental education you are looking for that is why you should not miss the opportunity to become part of them since they are proven and tested.