Choosing Accredited Dental Hygiene Schools 2015

Dental hygiene education is booming in US and there are lots of opportunities being offered. However, there are aggressive programs for students that are why when you like to enroll for dental hygiene, choose the right school for you.

Top Dental Hygiene Schools

  1. University of Michigan: The dental hygiene program ranks are the top one in the nation. It is focus on number of specialties that range from periodontal disease from oral health. Students should complete online application form.

  2. University of Minnesota: The school is offering bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene and they are second for high ranking. The program offer liberal arts education with in-clinic work. To be selected, students should complete online form, meet GPA, ACT exam and others.

  3. University of Pittsburgh: Students can complete the program in 2 years and offer dental services to patients who include fluoride treatments, periodontal scaling and nutritional analysis. Students should complete high school biology and chemistry.

  4. University of Maryland: The program emphasizes critical thinking and development of creative in clinical setting.

  5. Ohio State University: The program is accepting handful of applicants both part time and full time. Students will be focused on leadership roles in communities and offices.

  6. University of Pacific: The school has accelerated dental hygiene program and students interested should submit academic evaluation, transcript, and one page essay and test scores.

  7. Loma Linda University: Students will not only focus on classroom and lectures education but also with practical application and critical thinking skills.

  8. Texas A&M University: It prepares students to health agencies, public health agencies, schools and hospitals.

  9. Louisiana State University: They have strong dental hygiene program and curriculum covers clinical nutrition from microbiology.

  10. West Virginia University: it offers clinical and liberal arts curriculum.

When you become part of accredited dental hygiene schools, you are assured to experience and get a high quality of education. Read about best pre dentistry schoolsIf you want to be educated the way you want it and want to ensure that you will master all aspects in dentistry, start to choose the best or top listed universities offering dentistry program. Begin applying today while you have sufficient time!