Best Top 10 Dental Schools

Dental professionals may say that it is pressuring to rank dental schools but not at all because it helps the reader to know which school is leading, admit more students and other factors. There are top 10 dental schools in the world, and all of them are excellent. Check them out below:

Top 10 Dental Schools

  1. University of Maryland at Baltimore: The school is newly renovated but it has a great history in becoming the first dental university around the world. They are a pioneer when it comes to dental education. The founders are Chapin Harris and Dr. Horace Hayden and they are superb fathers of dentistry.
  2. Harvard University (School of Dental Medicine): Harvard University is the first affiliated and based dental institution in North America. When it comes to the legacy of the university, it can’t be overlooked because of its excellent educational teaching. It is also the leading university in the world in terms of broad categories.
  3. University of Texas: The school is consists of great professors and have a solid foundation. They are a cooperative atmosphere that is a big help in delivering dental learning excellence. The school ensures that students will be exposed to the clinical world of dentistry.
  4. University of North Carolina: The University has strong research, strong sense of service and a strong education. It is one of the best and top leading dental schools in the country.
  5. University of Michigan: The University of Michigan helps to incorporate dentistry as a real profession. It has solid and excellent education with good reports and reviews. It offers an affordable tuition for students.
  6. University of Toronto: It is a well-recognized university in the world and premier research center in Canada when it comes to dentistry. Students will become competitive and excellent leaders in the field of dentistry.
  7. University of Pennsylvania: It is national high-ranking school with curriculums are integrated with interdisciplinary and medicine approach.
  8. McGill University: It is one of the handful universities worldwide.
  9. University of Washington: Students will experience excellent training, wonderful curriculum and solid curriculum.
  10. Columbia University: The school is located in New York City and it is an excellent choice for students.

There you go the top ten dental schools in the world. If you want to be a great dentist, start it now by choosing the right school for you. If you are in need of a professional medical personal statement, don’t hesitate to contact personal statement writing services.