Best Major for Dental School

While any major can be accepted when applying for dental schools, students still need to choose the best. They are required to complete set of classes in liberal arts and sciences. There are universities that offer pre-dentistry tracks but you need to choose a broader major. If you are thinking of what is the best major for UMKC dental school, check this out!

Best Majors for Dental School

Best Majors for Dental School

  • Biology: Biology studies about life and its processes. In most cases, this program includes a coursework that will meet the dental school prerequisites. Students will also be given the chance to choose from ecology, genetics or zoology. For students who enroll in biology, they will study on genetics, calculus, chemistry, physics, biometry, cell biology and immunology.
  • Chemistry: A bachelor’s degree in chemistry is also helpful and useful for dentists. It fulfills dental school prerequisites in mathematics and chemistry. It includes laboratory work and more. Students will learn on synthetic reactions, chemical compounds, lab safety and chemical bonds.
  • Physics: Students that take physics degree program will study about physics, math, computational techniques and mathematics. With it, students are assured to fulfill their needs but it is important that students should complete high school for eligibility. Some common courses of the program include calculus, astronomy, thermal physics, modern physics, applied physics and quantum mechanics.

Moreover, there are still lots of majors you can choose from. You can decide to choose oral pathology and others. Just be sure that what you will choose is a major that you have an interest with. Check different universities programs. For example, have a look at University of Toronto majors. Even though a certain program helps you to fulfill and learn things to become a dentist, it is important that the major you choose is the one for you so that you will not have a hard time.

If you know what the good majors for dental school are, you no longer need to worry. What you only need to do is to choose the right one for you. In choosing, be sure it is the major you ever wanted so that you can easily learn all the terms, the techniques and trainings, among others.  Don’t hesitate to contact personal statement writers, to get a professional medical personal statement for your application.