Best Dental Schools in Ohio

There are several dental schools in Ohio offering dental hygiene programs. If you want to know more about them, you can able to choose schools that will be listed on this page. Knowing the best schools is important so you should have a list with it.

Dental Hygiene Schools in Ohio

  1. Amarillo College: It is an Ohio dental school and it is located in Amarillo. The college is offering associate’ s degree programs that will prepare students to take licensure exams from American dental Association’s Joint Commission and the State Dentistry Examining Board. To be eligible, students must need to earn grades of “C”. Students can take major courses in medical terminology, pharmacology, practice of dental hygiene and orofacial.
  2. Austin Community College District: the University in located in Texas. When it comes to enrollment in the dental hygiene program, it is contingent and limited upon passing criminal background check. For pre-requisites courses, it includes human physiology, microbiology, human anatomy and chemistry. For major courses, it includes dental radiology, oral pathology and preventive dental care. You also should remember about your medical personal statement.
  3. Blinn College: The dental hygiene at the college is exceptional. When it comes to curriculum, it was designed with training students in recognizing, preventing and treating disease of the mouth. Students will also learn on how to communicate with dentists and patients.  Students will able to know about reading x-rays and complete dental examinations. For eligibility, students must need to have a grade of “C” in pre-requisite courses like physiology, composition, biology and anatomy. The associate in applied science in dental hygiene is being offered by the school.
  4. El Paso Community College: Students must need to complete the pre-requisite courses in medical terminology and biology before they can able to start dental hygiene program. Students must need to take courses like pharmacology, oral pathology and dental radiology. The school offers two-year degree program that will train aspiring students for reading oral x-rays, performing oral cancer screenings and much more.
  5. Houston Community College: The dental hygiene of the university is allowing students in gaining firm understanding about American Dental Hygienist together with important skills like problem solving as well as contributing to patient’s oral health. Houston community college includes courses like dental hygiene theory, dental nutrition, periodontology and radiology.

These are only some of the list of dental hygienist schools in Colorado and Ohio you can choose from. There are still numerous best and great universities you can check out on the internet but if you are contented with the list, what you only need to do is to choose the school you want to enter.

Before you apply, make sure that you meet all the requirements provided for eligibility and increase your chance to be accepted. Make sure that you submit the requirements on time and that you qualify for their guidelines in the papers you would need to submit.  Check out and study your options well in order to qualify for the school of your choice and become a successful dental hygienist someday in Ohio.