Best Dental School in Canada

Studying in Canada is a great decision. Many dentistry students choose the place because of their reputation and they are one of the countries that offer the best dental education in the world. For a list, check this out.

Best Dental Schools in Canada

  • University of Toronto (School of Dentistry): The institution is one of the best dental universities in Canada. Over the years, the school is reputed, largest and best dental school. They are offering several courses of dental and each year, student have access to international scholarships and grants. They are offering courses in orthodontics, dental surgery, oral dental care, BDS, maxillofacial surgery and pediatric surgery.
  • University of Alberta: The University is the best school in Canada. The dental school of the institution is called as Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. The department is always in the ranked of the best colleges in Canada. In the year 1913, the school was established and one of the oldest dental schools in the country.
  • British Columbia University: The school is located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. When it comes to ranking, they are one of the best. The curriculum of the university is based on public system education. They are offering different graduate and undergraduate courses with scholarships for international students. They offer courses in international dental degree, dental medicine, oral biology and dental science.
  • University of Manitoba: It is also one of the best schools in Canada. University of Manitoba was located in Manitoba, Canada and it is a public university. They offer courses in oral care, BDS, dentistry and postgraduate courses.
  • Concordia University: It is one of the universities that consistently in the top ranked dental schools. It is located in Quebec; Canada was established in the year 1974. They are using International and non-resident students.
best dental schools in canada list


Many universities are still available in Canada but the listed institutions above are the best and leading dental schools. They are certified to offer a high quality of dental education to students. If you want to study in Canada, enroll at the perfect dental school for you. Find all information you need about your dental school personal statement in advance. Study your options well and see if studying in Canada is for you or not. Visit the schools’ official websites for more details about the best dentistry schools in Canada.