Best Dental Hygiene Schools to Choose in 2015

Numerous universities are offering dental hygiene education. Dental hygienist plays a big role in maintaining individuals’ oral health. It is essential to pass their education and licensing exams to practice.

List of Dental Hygiene Schools

When you at least know a list of best dental hygiene schools, you will never go wrong in choosing. What you only need to do is to check each of them to ensure you will get everything you need.

  1. Miami Dade College

  2. Ohio State University (main campus)

  3. University of Minnesota (twin cities)

  4. Northern Virginia Community College

  5. New York University

  6. Lone Star College System

  7. University of Michigan

  8. College of Southern Nevada

  9. Tarrant County College District

  10. Harvard University

Selecting Schools with Dental Hygiene Programs

Students who are interested in enrolling dental hygiene program needs to look at regionally accredited schools. Also there are dental hygiene schools online. Best dental hygiene schools are accredited by American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation for Dental Hygiene Education Programs. It is also important to choose a school with high pass rate so that students will be prepared. One more thing that should be remembered is that students should review universities clinical opportunities and lab facilities. Making comparison is also necessary because there are schools who charge higher lab fees, fingerprinting, uniforms, health examinations and background checks.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance by Dental Hygiene Programs

In choosing, it is important to choose a school that offers scholarships or financial assistance so that when you are in need of funding, the available opportunities can help you to get the education you want. It is important that you choose carefully and even though the school belongs to the top listed universities in the world in offering dental hygiene, you still need to check their website to know more information.

Finally, do not waste your time in researching especially if you are eager to study about dental hygiene. There are hundreds of schools around the world offering it but it is better when you choose the best one to meet your needs, to be educated and become professional the time you graduate.


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