New Dental School Admissions 2015

For students who are planning to study dental needs to know the latest requirements that are needed for admission, that is what top dental schools about. If you want to be aware of it, you are on the right spot because this page will present what you are looking for.

Dental School Admissions Prerequisites:

It is important that students should check each dental school for specific dental school admission requirements. The required courses generally are as follows.

  • Eight hours biology with lab

  • Eight hours English

  • Eight hours Physics

  • Eight hours Organic Chemistry with lab

  • Eight hours General Chemistry with lab

Dental School Admission Requirements: Take the DAT

You need to take the DAT at least a year before you plan to enroll or apply to dental school. This test will measure your general academic ability, perceptual ability and comprehension of scientific information. You need to complete at least 1 year of college level in general chemistry, organic chemistry and biology. These are recommended so that you can take the DAT exam.

Dental Schools Admission Requirements

When you are in the process of applying, there are documents you need to submit. Admission committee are requiring students to submit their academic qualifications, grade point average, result of DAT test, personal interviews, experiences and letters of recommendation. Keep in mind that the requirements vary from one university to another. Find out top orthodontist schools.

Some of the dental institutions require candidates’ personal interviews in order to assess their qualities like self confidence, their ability to get along with other people, their ability in meeting challenges, and their capacity in working independently and the desire in helping people. The interview also is a guide and opportunity in asking about the university. In applying for admission, you need to apply one year in advance so that you can plan on what you need to do.

It is hard to enroll when you do not know what you will do but if you trust yourself that you can do it, you need to get started today. You should not waste any precious time instead use it in completing all the requirements and knowing more information on what you still need.


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